Inheritance, Estates and Trusts

Property that was inherited or received as a gift may be awarded to the recipient or divided between the parties. The variation in results regarding these issues is extreme. You need Attorney Rubin to represent you aggressively in this area. Having the right lawyer on your side is crucial to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive fair treatment under the law.

Stamford, Connecticut based attorney David Rubin has been helping clients to resolve complex property division disputes for over 25 years. His experience includes cases involving estates, trusts, inheritances, bequests, property rights, real estate and family gifts. He has successfully represented clients who sought to protect their inheritances as well as those who sought a fair share of inheritances received by the other spouse.

Understanding Your Property Division Rights

When identifying marital assets in a property division case, it is important to understand all of the property that can be included. In many cases, the principal amount of the inheritance or gift could be treated as individual or joint property. Likewise, appreciation in value beyond principal may be considered divisible between the spouses. With trusts, there may be times when the entire value, including principal, can be considered marital property, but the nature and specific terms of the trust must be carefully examined.

Attorney Rubin will thoroughly investigate your case from every angle. He will work to understand the property involved, how it fits into your divorce and build the strongest possible argument to support your position. You can rely on him to pursue every legal option available in order to obtain the most beneficial result possible.