Divorce Litigation

Aggressive Divorce Litigation Lawyer

When negotiations fail to produce a fair divorce agreement, you want to be sure that your attorney is capable of seeing your case through to its conclusion. You need someone who will not be intimidated by opposing counsel and who will pursue every legal option available to obtain the settlement or verdict you deserve.

Stamford, Connecticut, based attorney David Rubin has over 25 years of experience in the practice of family law. He is a skilled litigator who has a reputation for preparing every case for trial. Attorney Rubin is also known for fierce advocacy of his clients’ rights and strong courtroom abilities.

Tough, Results-Oriented Representation

Attorney Rubin has handled cases involving every area of divorce, including child custody and visitation, property division, child support and alimony. He works closely with every client to understand their goals and builds a case specifically designed with the intent of meeting them. His experience in these cases allows him to be much more efficient and effective in the handling of your divorce.

During a trial, Attorney Rubin is closely attuned to the judge’s comments and directions as a guide to the judge’s evaluation of the case. The presentation and argument of the case must address the judge’s concerns. The contrasting nature of your claims and your spouse’s claims must become clear to the judge in order to obtain the most favorable possible ruling.

In every case, Attorney Rubin’s only goal is to win for his client. Everything he does leading up to the settlement or trial is aimed at getting the best settlement or verdict possible. Custody issues are addressed, witnesses deposed, assets and income identified and valued, temporary orders must be obtained and the case must move forward as quickly as possible. You can count on Attorney Rubin to be there with you at every step with a constant focus on your best interests. Actual court decisions in Attorney Rubin’s cases are in the Sample Cases section of this site.