Child Support

Working Through Complex Child Support Issues

Connecticut uses specific guidelines that govern the level of child support that should be paid after a divorce. These matters can become quite complex and it is important to have an experienced lawyer who will work to ensure that you receive a fair judgment and that your children have the support they need.

For 25 years, Stamford, Connecticut attorney David Rubin has been helping clients resolve child support issues. He has comprehensive knowledge of the guidelines and how they are applied. He has extensive experience in all areas of child support cases including initial judgments, post-judgment modifications, educational support orders, day care orders, medical insurance and uninsured medical expense orders and life insurance orders.

Fighting for the Support Your Children Need

There are many factors that come into play in making a final determination on child support: the income levels of both parents; the custody arrangement, and particular circumstances that could result in a deviation from the guideline amounts in your case. Attorney Rubin’s understanding of the guidelines and the law allow him to be proactive in seeking the right level of support for your children.

Attorney Rubin has also successfully represented many high income clients in child support matters. In such cases the guidelines do not apply and judges make individualized support decisions. The court has broad discretion to award additional support beyond what is customary under state guidelines. Whether you are the parent who is paying child support or the one who is seeking it, Attorney Rubin will work diligently to obtain the most favorable possible result for you.