Reliable Counsel in Connecticut Alimony Matters

Alimony decisions at the time of the divorce profoundly impact each spouse’s ability to pay their post-divorce living expenses. The court has the ability to award or deny alimony based on a number of considerations under the law, including the income, occupation, health and education of each party, the amount of assets, the contribution of each party to the breakdown of the marriage and the desirability of the custodial parent obtaining employment. Whether you are the spouse who may be paying alimony or the spouse who is seeking it, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side to help ensure that your interests are protected.

Stamford, Connecticut attorney David Rubin has been practicing law for over 25 years. He has helped his clients resolve a wide variety of complex alimony and spousal support issues including:

  • Bonuses
  • Deferred compensation
  • Stock options & award of restricted stock
  • Self-employment income
  • Real estate income
  • Capital gains
  • Interest
  • Dividends
  • Royalties
  • Earning capacity of both parties

Obtaining The Alimony Order That You Want

Attorney Rubin’s experience in alimony cases serves as a significant asset to his clients. In every instance, he seeks to reach an agreement that serves your best interests. He will look closely at your financial situation and work with any necessary financial experts and accountants to determine the impact of the alimony payment on your tax responsibility.

Alimony payments are tax deductible to the paying spouse and taxable as income to the recipient. Attorney Rubin has been successful at obtaining results that minimize the tax burden to his clients. Through effectively negotiating the rest of the divorce agreement, including the division of marital assets, Attorney Rubin works to obtain a result that puts you in the best possible financial position going forward.